The Tribe


Hello with browko tribe within the letters

Our name is BrowKO and we are brow-aholics


We think the best brows are what you’ve got naturally, with a little help. So, we’ve got the goods to amplify those beauties of yours, with all safe and natural ingredients. Plus, we don’t test on animals (your furry friends can thank us later.) 

Before you trust us with those precious brows of yours, let us reassure you, we’ve got this. We know the impact a set of Knock Out brows can make, and the confidence boost they can give. We remember that 90’s pencil thin look, (seriously, we still have nightmares…) and we vow to never let another brow be tortured again. Combining our love of natural brows with everything we’ve learned from years in the makeup and beauty industry, we've created a product that’ll step up that brow game. Every. Single. Time. 

So that’s who we are! Are you ready to introduce us to those brows of yours? 


Stay Fluffy Xo